Flexible Fee Structure

  • Adjustable fees based on case valuation and other variables, so that any firm or litigant, regardless of case size or budget, can utilize consulting services.
  • Hourly Billing, Flat Case Rates, Monthly/Quarterly Retainer Rates, Contingency

Most Efficient Use of Consulting Expenditures

  • No billing for overhead or costs that are not directly case related
  • 20% to 60% savings or efficiencies over consulting firms with comparable experience

Practical Trial Recommendations Reached Through Practical Means

  • Approach to consulting is very practical… providing case-specific solutions (not theoretical advice) based on research, in-depth discussion with counsel and prior insights & experiences

Jury Selection Based on Identifiable Motivators and Indicators

  • Emphasis placed on determining a juror’s sense of compassion, ethics, and accountability, which are reliable pro-plaintiff or pro-defense indicators.
  • Discovering insights into what jurors find most troubling about a case… and the root causes of why jurors feel that way… is especially useful in voir dire and jury selection

Integrated Trial Messaging

  • Developing hot-button issue messaging that addresses critical juror questions and underlying juror motivations
  • Developing rational, emotional and ethical messaging to appeal to all types of jury decision-makers

Persuasive Messaging

  • Developing messaging based on the most persuasive juror content
    • Fact-based truths
    • Strong moral or value-based messages (what´s the right thing to do)
    • Strong legal and practical messages (emphasis on letter of law and real-world behavior)
    • Self-interest messaging ( what´s best for the juror, the juror´s family, or the juror´s community)
  • Promoting jury empowerment
  • Constant contextualization to maximize juror understanding and appreciation of evidence and testimony.