Neal Howard is a nationally recognized trial consultant working on high stakes litigation since 2000. With twenty years prior expertise as a writer, teacher and communications professional in advertising, public relations, corporate communications, television& film, Neal has spent his entire career effectively influencing and moving audiences.

Neal provides counsel with invaluable insight in shaping trials for maximum jury impact. His keen ability to identify essential case issues from the jury perspective…referenced with his keen understanding of audiences…makes him an invaluable asset in jury selection.

Neal Howard
  • 17 years notable experience in high stakes, complex & mass tort litigation

  • 20 years prior experience as an award-winning writer & expert in advertising, public relations, corporate & non-profit communications

  • Television & Screenwriter – Nation’s only trial consultant who is a member of the exclusive Writers Guild of America

  • Entire career spent effectively communicating to audiences large and small

Neal was privileged in his early litigation work to be influenced by and collaborate closely with several trial consulting stalwarts…namely Jo-Ellan Dimitrius of O.J. Simpson and Enron fame, civil rights specialist Andy Sheldon of Atlanta, and the inimitable Theresa Zagnoli.